Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Excellence Unfolding...

On the 9th of July, this happy little flower unfolded her petals and brightened up my day, as well as our garden too, of course. I carry my camera everywhere I go, especially in the garden. I am always snapping shots of different things. The indescribable uniqueness and beauty of each individual flower lures me in, as if they are kindly shouting at me, "Take a picture! Take a picture!" On Monday, July 13th, I walked outside to enjoy the beauteous rain and I must have glanced to the right to notice a gorgeous sunflower staring back at me. So, of course, I ran inside to snatch my camera from my bag. I then ran back outside and stood there, as heavy droplets of rain splashed against my skull, and I studied the fresh blossom. Then, without even thinking, I was not only "taking a picture" but I was capturing the essence and gorgeousness of this living, growing stalk. My finger pressed "the magic button," and Wha la! Artwork was created.

This winding clematis creepily crawls up the fence post, as if it were determined to reach a certain destination. Clematis are simply dazzling. These lovely beauties actually remind me of my mother, Sunny, for a few reasons. One reason, they are absolutely beautiful, as is mother. Two, just as my momma does, they lovingly surround the family to create a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere. Personally, I believe clematis are one of the greatest flowers to ever sprout!!

The photo below shows the wonderfully FULL herb garden in my backyard in Post Falls, Idaho. If you know Bent and Sunny, my parents, as well as I do then you should know that they go absolutely insane when planting seeds. Like, for example, if we make a quick stop at the store, and the store sells flowers/seeds, my mom is sorta like, "We need a little bit of this...Oh! And a LOT a bit of that....Oh yeah, and maybe we should try this!!" ...And even though we didn't even go to the store for flowers/seeds, our cart is overflowing with them....ALWAYS. Now, I am not saying that her obsession is a bad thing or anything... just thought that information was essential....


  1. Congrats, Daisy Girl! I love photos of sunflowers! They are such happy little faces. Welcome to the blog world. Don't get too addicted. :)

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I adore sunflowers, too!
    I hope to be posting some new ones here soon.
    I'll try not to get too someone I know....DAD!!! ')

  3. Congratulations DaisyGirl.... the photos are fab, our sunflowers popped out only yesterday....

    Now time to start your own blob :)