Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Seedlings.

As we head into  April I decided I should probably take a seedling inventory and decide what other seeds need to be sown. So far, this is what we have and it doesn't include seeds sown and not yet germinated...that's another post : )


87 Gypsy Broccoli
75 Blue Wind Broccolli
75 Marathon Broccoli
36 Orange Bell
25 Apple Peppers
25 Sweet Chocolate Bell
19 Orange Sun Bell
14 Karma peppers
33 Cayenne peppers
10 Jalapeno peppers
40 pepperoncini peppers
51 Early Girl tomatoes
48 Cherokee Purple tomatoes
40 Nyagous tomatoes
53 Trophy tomatoes
10 Persimmon tomatoes
18 Granadero
19 Lavender
19 Parsley
51 Nasturtium
18 Oregano
18 Thyme
24 Purple Bell

Grow room:

30 Grape Riesentribe tomatoes
30 Sungold tomatoes
42 Early Girl tomatoes
24 Beefsteak
30 Red Siberian tomatoes
102 Amish Paste tomatoes
24 Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes
72 Sweet Pea Currant tomatoes
210 combination of red and green cabbage
144 Snowball Self Blanching Cauliflower
72 Belstar Broccoli
60 Waltham Broccoli
48 Jalapeno peppers
24 Georgia Flame peppers
15 Quadrato peppers
37 Thai hot peppers
30 Ancho
42 Serrano
20 Apple Sweet peppers
36 Habanero peppers
36 Lemon hot peppers
50 Pandora Striped Rose Eggplant
80 some cilantro
Lemon Balm
Sweet green and red basil
Miniature green basil

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's growing on?

Here's a few pics from The Beer Garden grow room. The basil, thyme and oregano are growing well in the beer mugs. We have harvested them many times since starting the seed back in December. The celery (in the last pic near the back) takes the longest to grow. It's recommended that you start celery seed indoors 12 weeks before your last frost date. I started these in February again and they seem to be growing slow but steady. The Nasturtiums are growing like weeds. I had to transplant them after just a couple of weeks. Last week we sowed 511 pepper seeds and countless other herbs that I can't even remember at the moment. Now we are on to the tomatoes. In all, there will be 600+ tomato plants if I can find room for them all in the greenhouse. My goal is to get most of the plants moved into the greenhouse by March 20th. Last year we started up on March 4th but the propane proved to be too expensive when the temps dropped for several weeks. Having the grow room with more lights this year should really help increase production though. If you've been following the blog, you know we definitely need increased production this year. Now, let's just pray for nice warm weather.