Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Seedlings.

As we head into  April I decided I should probably take a seedling inventory and decide what other seeds need to be sown. So far, this is what we have and it doesn't include seeds sown and not yet germinated...that's another post : )


87 Gypsy Broccoli
75 Blue Wind Broccolli
75 Marathon Broccoli
36 Orange Bell
25 Apple Peppers
25 Sweet Chocolate Bell
19 Orange Sun Bell
14 Karma peppers
33 Cayenne peppers
10 Jalapeno peppers
40 pepperoncini peppers
51 Early Girl tomatoes
48 Cherokee Purple tomatoes
40 Nyagous tomatoes
53 Trophy tomatoes
10 Persimmon tomatoes
18 Granadero
19 Lavender
19 Parsley
51 Nasturtium
18 Oregano
18 Thyme
24 Purple Bell

Grow room:

30 Grape Riesentribe tomatoes
30 Sungold tomatoes
42 Early Girl tomatoes
24 Beefsteak
30 Red Siberian tomatoes
102 Amish Paste tomatoes
24 Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes
72 Sweet Pea Currant tomatoes
210 combination of red and green cabbage
144 Snowball Self Blanching Cauliflower
72 Belstar Broccoli
60 Waltham Broccoli
48 Jalapeno peppers
24 Georgia Flame peppers
15 Quadrato peppers
37 Thai hot peppers
30 Ancho
42 Serrano
20 Apple Sweet peppers
36 Habanero peppers
36 Lemon hot peppers
50 Pandora Striped Rose Eggplant
80 some cilantro
Lemon Balm
Sweet green and red basil
Miniature green basil


  1. Amazing! What an inspiration.

  2. Your plants are looking great, sounds like you will be very busy growing and selling plants again this year. I see you already have tomatoes in the greenhouse, we hope to move ours out there soon too...sounds like it is going to be another cool rainy spring.

  3. Thanks Mr. H. Yes, it seems the rain will never stop...however, at least it is not snow. : )

    I just put the tomatoes in the greenhouse last week. I tried to hold off but I have too many plants in my grow room and needed the space.
    I bet you are gearing up for the season as well.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed!

  5. Do you have a ziggy's greenhouse?
    Do you like it?

  6. Bob, yes it is a Ziggy's greenhouse. We like it a lot. It came with just 2 shelves and my dad added 4 more so we have lots of growing space. He also put in a propane fireplace. It is very sturdy which is a good thing with all the wind we get.

  7. Wow thats a lot of seedlings, certainly a labour of love. My tomato seedlings pale in comparison next to these lol.

  8. DD, thanks and welcome to the blog...Many of the seedlings are to sell at the local Farmer's market...however we preserve lots of veggies too.

  9. I was looking at the ziggy greenhouses today, and they don't have any window to open or any vents. Did you have to add any?

  10. Yes BB, we added a fan and ventilation. I should say my dad added a fan and ventilation... I'm not the most handy that way...but he had it done in no time. : ) When it warms up during the day we usually just open the door too. Are you considering buying one?

  11. Yes, I am. I have wanted one for a long time. I would think the greenhouse, as is, would over heat and kill all the plants without a window or vent to open. I would be a work when it heats up so would get one of the temperature activated openers. :)

  12. Yes, they do heat up a considerable amount...If it is sunny and 50 degrees outside the greenhouse can go up to 90 in no time.

  13. Hi local bloggers,
    I'm volunteering at the Rathdrum Farmers Market and trying to get more vendors. Would you be interested? We don't demand any commitments, you could just try it for a week or two to see how it goes. If you have anyone you know who might help us, we'd love to keep this market going. Produce and eggs are big sellers.

    Rathdrum Farmers Market is opening on May 7th and is looking for produce vendors!

    This is a great market for new vendors to try out selling their produce. Booths are only $10 a week and you can even share a booth with a friend! The small town atmosphere is great! The market is in the city park, shaded, music and so many friendly people! The market is every other Saturday but may move to weekly once growing season is upon us.

    If interested or know anyone, please check out our website: http://www.rathdrumfarmersmarket.org or respond to me at janeen2x1@gmail.com

  14. Thanks Janeen, I know of a few people that may be interested. I will forward your email address to them.

  15. Hey Susan, I bought a greenhouse today!
    Sometime, if you have the time, could you send me a picture of your venting system? :)
    Was is easy to cut the plastic?

  16. BB, that's awesome! Absolutely, I will send you some pics on the venting system. I will ask my dad about cutting the plastic and try to send you those pics by Tuesday.

  17. Oh my, that's a lot of seedlings!!! Everything looks great.