Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black-Eyed Susies from Arizona!

Check out the flower in the middle. It popped up between the Arizona Blanket Flowers and the Black-Eyed Susies. Looks like a little cross-pollination happening...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Huckleberry brew!

Thanks to Taryn and Phil, we'll be tipping back an awesome huckleberry hefeweizen by late August! I'll be needing some help naming this one. I usually have my beers named before I even start brewing, but not this time. I'm stumped. This is going to be a great beer, so it needs a great name... Any ideas?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home garden is taking shape

Finally got around to taming our garden at home this weekend. We have some serious produce to deal with this year!

Addicted to pot(s)

She is still transplanting. We may have a problem.

It was a heck of a weekend in garden

It was great weekend in the gardens. I am afraid we have our work cut out for us this summer.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today's harvest!

Peppers, cucumbers, peas, beans, potatoes, dill, lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, onions and a handful of cherry tomatoes that didn't survive long enough for the picture. Same with the strawberries :)

And that is just the baby corn

They will be in silk next week

Testing mobile capabilities

I know. I am obsessed with this Blackberry. I admit it, but you have to admit its pretty cool too!
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Friday, July 17, 2009

What Up Doc??!

On July 17th, Sunny and I visited our beautiful, family garden in Coeur d' Alene today. We both had a blast as we gardened in the scorching, 95 degree heat on our day off. Mom and I stepped into the garden and and were shocked to see everything as enormous as it was. And, if you know me, you should know that the thing I check first are the carrots. I have been waiting to pull any yet, but I had a feeling that today was a good day to do so. So, I tugged and tugged on one 'til it popped right out of the soil. I was so thrilled that I scrambled to the water faucet to rinse it off. And, right as I was about to chomp it down, my brain stopped me and screamed, "Wait!! Take a picture!" So, I snatched my camera from the tabletop and shot a photo of this beauty!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check. It. Out!.. A New Blogger's Born

I warned you all, earlier. My kids rock. Well, check it out for yourself. Pint-sized photographer extraordinaire, Daisy Girl, has posted her first-ever blog entry right below this post. Some of you met her at Taryn's Grand Opening so you can probably understand how she is capable of such beauty. Others? You'll just have to follow along 8-)

My guess? She's rockin' her own blog in couple of months;-) Nice job... sweetness!

BTW, Daisy Girl has been responsible for much of the "striking" photography on this blog from its inception... but you could probably deduce that. Apparently, she will be providing some very decent prose, as well. (((proud parent hug)))

Excellence Unfolding...

On the 9th of July, this happy little flower unfolded her petals and brightened up my day, as well as our garden too, of course. I carry my camera everywhere I go, especially in the garden. I am always snapping shots of different things. The indescribable uniqueness and beauty of each individual flower lures me in, as if they are kindly shouting at me, "Take a picture! Take a picture!" On Monday, July 13th, I walked outside to enjoy the beauteous rain and I must have glanced to the right to notice a gorgeous sunflower staring back at me. So, of course, I ran inside to snatch my camera from my bag. I then ran back outside and stood there, as heavy droplets of rain splashed against my skull, and I studied the fresh blossom. Then, without even thinking, I was not only "taking a picture" but I was capturing the essence and gorgeousness of this living, growing stalk. My finger pressed "the magic button," and Wha la! Artwork was created.

This winding clematis creepily crawls up the fence post, as if it were determined to reach a certain destination. Clematis are simply dazzling. These lovely beauties actually remind me of my mother, Sunny, for a few reasons. One reason, they are absolutely beautiful, as is mother. Two, just as my momma does, they lovingly surround the family to create a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere. Personally, I believe clematis are one of the greatest flowers to ever sprout!!

The photo below shows the wonderfully FULL herb garden in my backyard in Post Falls, Idaho. If you know Bent and Sunny, my parents, as well as I do then you should know that they go absolutely insane when planting seeds. Like, for example, if we make a quick stop at the store, and the store sells flowers/seeds, my mom is sorta like, "We need a little bit of this...Oh! And a LOT a bit of that....Oh yeah, and maybe we should try this!!" ...And even though we didn't even go to the store for flowers/seeds, our cart is overflowing with them....ALWAYS. Now, I am not saying that her obsession is a bad thing or anything... just thought that information was essential....