Friday, July 17, 2009

What Up Doc??!

On July 17th, Sunny and I visited our beautiful, family garden in Coeur d' Alene today. We both had a blast as we gardened in the scorching, 95 degree heat on our day off. Mom and I stepped into the garden and and were shocked to see everything as enormous as it was. And, if you know me, you should know that the thing I check first are the carrots. I have been waiting to pull any yet, but I had a feeling that today was a good day to do so. So, I tugged and tugged on one 'til it popped right out of the soil. I was so thrilled that I scrambled to the water faucet to rinse it off. And, right as I was about to chomp it down, my brain stopped me and screamed, "Wait!! Take a picture!" So, I snatched my camera from the tabletop and shot a photo of this beauty!!!


  1. oh my, now that IS a wellabit proper carrot :)


  2. Carrots are just such a mundane vegetable in the supermarket. Completely a different animal when you pull them fresh from your own patch - fragrant and stunning. Hope you enjoyed it!