Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look out North Idaho Fair, Here We Come...

These are the pictures I wanted to post last night. The family garden is totally on its way. I shot the photo above from the back of the garden this time. You can really see the difference on the size of the corn. (double click pictures for a larger view).

We started a few strawberry plants this year and we are tickled to get a few keepers. We put them in the raised beds and the plants are bigger than we've ever had them before. Our goal is to train the entire raised bed with off-shoots this year. Next year we will cold frame them early and hope a for an early yield.

The extended Bent family is very likely to ritualistically sacrifice this straight-eight cucumber this Fourth of July weekend. It signals pickling season. Will trade pickles for jars!

We did a couple of varieties of broccoli with differing results. The Pacman variety from Park Seed appears to be doing the best (pictured above). It is slow to bolt. We planted another variety but it flowered and bolted in the center too quickly.

My award winning BBQ'd Jalapeno Poppers will be in ample supply soon. We have several plants that Sunny grew from seed that are loading up. She has a whole variety of peppers (about 100 plants) ranging from red hot chili peppers to sweet banana peppers.

I'm not much on cabbage, but I have to admit, I can't remember the last time I tried garden fresh cabbage, and these look awesome. I will be giving it a try in a few dishes this summer.

The Romas are always early but slow to ripen. I want to say this one will be red by July 11. We have a bunch of cherry tomatoes on too. It'll actually be a toss up between which variety ripens first, but one thing is certain...it will be soon.

Compare these photos to the photos in the post below and you can see the difference one week makes. (BTW, the photo above is taken from the exact same perspective from a similar photo in the post below for direct comparison).


  1. wow wee, my goodness.... absolutely fabulous...

    And so neat and tidy to boot :)


  2. Gorgeous garden, I'm envious.

  3. Thanks Kim and Marmite. I'm going to post more photos tonight. The corn is nearly six feet high...And we ate our first califlower today!