Monday, June 29, 2009

Producing produce prolifically

I wish I had last weekend's photos of the family garden. It's amazing how its grown so much higher in a week. We have cucumbers (well one at least) that'll be ready this upcoming weekend. I'll bet we'll have a ripened Roma or two in the next week or so and the pepper plants are loading up nicely.

We ate a bunch of broccoli out of the garden last night and we've had countless green salads. And I had nearly forgotten just how good fresh steamed spinach tastes.

We have small harvest coming up soon, anyone have any canning jars they want to get rid of?

These photos were taken on Father's Day. Corn (In the back left) was knee high in these shot, but some of it is already waste high. The corn in the forefront is "baby corn." It is about knee high now.

I thought I would post these today and when Daisy Girl gets home with the camera I'll download last weekend's pictures a for comparison.


  1. Beautiful blog!! (I happen to have a box or two of canning jars, and considering my free time allotment is pretty much nil until my two scrappers are in grade school, you can have 'em!---the cans, not the scrappers....welllll...yeah, the cans.) lol

    Keep on blogging! The beers look great btw, you are doing a fantastic job! Prost!

  2. That would be great Christine! Maybe the next time you come to town on a weekened, I can buy you lunch in return...

  3. I double-took these photos, wondering how you crammed all those plants in your backyard (and wondered what happened to all your fencing!) :) Had to read on a bit to figure out it wasn't at your house.

    Looks like it's definitely time for me to stop by!

  4. No doubt otis. It would be good to see you. What are you doing on the fourth? Wanna party with the big boys? Let me know. I'll facebook you tooo.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my place. I'm soooooo glad you did so I could come here and see this gorgeous garden you're growing!!! Great work and yum come harvest time! Love how you got the name for your blog. Is that your little girl to the right? She is adorable - love the face on the 2nd pic. I will be back for sure - in fact I'm gonna add my name to your 'follower' list so I don't lose ya.

  6. Thanks a work in progress...and probably always will be. The little one is my 3 yr old grandaughter. Her name is Abby.

    I have a question for you or anyone else that may know more about growing cabbage than I do:(my first time growing it) We harvested a head last weekend and the flavor was nothing extraordinary but not bad either...perhaps i harvested too early?? How do you know when cabbage is ready to eat?

    Thanks again Raingardener...I look forward to following your site as well...Happy gardening from North Idaho...