Monday, November 8, 2010

The Weigh In

It has become a fun family tradition to grow giant pumpkins. At the end of the season we have this little contest called "guess the pumpkin weight".  The person closest to the actual weight wins a monetary prize. This year the prize is $25.00 for the closest guess or $30.00 if you are spot on the weight. Last year's largest pumpkin weighed in at 76 lbs which we thought was a decent weight considering we are new at giant pumpkin growing.

I guess we learned some stuff about growing them because this year the pumpkin looks to be at least double the size from last year. For the sake of fairness though, my dad is keeping the pumpkin weight a secret. In order to accurately weigh it he had to drive it through the local landfill scales. This year he placed a "floor" of 150 lbs on the pumpkin because so many guesses were way under the actual weight.

Yes, this is a family game but I consider my blogging friends to be family too....(you just don't get the prize money lol! ) so what's your guess??? Results to be posted on November 12th.


  1. She is a beauty...I say 165 lbs.:)

  2. Wow that is large! I'd say 114.

  3. Dan, It's big but I aspire to grow one that is at least 1000 lbs : )

    Btw, I'm still waiting on two family member's guesses before we reveal the weight. : )

  4. ..... missed the deadline....

    i am wondering though...

    happy to stop by today