Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack 2: Before & After

This is the biggest pumpkin we grew this year. Actually it is the biggest pumpkin Sunny and I have ever grown. It was 73 pounds using store-bought Giant pumpkin seed. This is also the first time Sunny and I have tried to grow pumpkins and it inspired us. We got an early 36-pounder and a 68-pounder to boot (See: Meet Jack below).

By the way, Dustin designed the face on this Jack-O-Lantern. Meghan and her friend Millie carved most of it, and Brittany added some detail. I shot some pictures and processed him into pumpkin pie filling the very next day! To heck with Halloween, that is too much pumpkin pie to waste!

Anyway, Sunny and I have decided to go both big and small next year. I am researching Atlantic Giants and the little pie pumpkins to grow next year. Sunny is going to hit the Farmer's Market next year, so we should have some dandies for sale next fall.

I am lobbying for the space to grow at least one Atlantic Giant next year. Christy Harp set the new world's record with this 1725-pound Atlantic Giant in Canfield Ohio on Oct. 3. All she used was compost on it. While some believe there may be one bigger still out there this year, that is still incredibly impressive.

If I grow Atlantics next season,  they will be just for carving, and I will grow a bunch of pie pumpkins for cooking. I have never made pumpkin pie from scratch before, but I gave it try this year with the 36-pounder and Jack 2, pictured at the top of this post. He alone will make a total of twelve 9-inch deep dish pies!

I really need to practice making pie without burning the edge of the crust, otherwise, I have to say pumpkin pie from scratch has to be the best I have ever eaten, and it's really easy to make. I have adapated my own recipe from this base recipe here .

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