Friday, October 2, 2009

A Thriving Individual

My-oh-my! She finally flourished! I transplanted this beauteous creature into the ground about a month or two into Summer, and she finally decided to be brave and introduce herself to the world! Before I captured this memorable moment, I really studied her. I learned so much. And as funky as this sounds, my puny daisy has an enormous personality. When I first glanced at her, over the ledge of the front porch, she seemed a bit shy towards the other pretty flowers surrounding her. So, I knelt down beside her and admired her radiant pedals; then I greeted her with a bundle of joy and excitement, it was almost as if she was mocking me. She smiled right back at me! It was like she had been waiting to meet me. What a brilliant day it was, and I am glad to share it with everybody! Have a nice day! "Just can't live that negative way...make way for a positive day." -Bob Marley


  1. I had a saddo little delphinium that managed to have one bloom this year.... but it made me smile and I so protected it against the slugs....


  2. Awe:)
    It is so wonderful when things happen like that! It's such an exciting little suprise!
    have a good day!
    All my love,