Friday, October 2, 2009

Giant pumpkins!

Here is one of our giant pumpkins started in March in the greenhouse. Jeff made pumpkin pie from scratch with one of the smaller ones and it turned out very good....nothing store bought even compares to the taste of home grown pumpkins.
Grandpa started a contest for all the
grandkids...they have to guess the weight of the largest pumpkin and whoever guesses correctly wins $20....I anticipate the weigh-in to be in mid October and keep in mind these were gaining 2 or more pounds per day in August.
Next year we are going to try growing Atlantic Giants and see how big we can get them. Apparently, they can grow over a thousand me might have to expand the garden even more!! We also want to grow a few pie pumpkins ( the smaller variety are supposedly better tasting for pie purposes). I think I will also look into other pumpkin recipes so if anyone has ideas please let me know.

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  1. we won our village pumpkin competition one year, we even beat Old Tom who was about 89 and had been winning the competition year in and year out....... he asked me how I grew such a whopper...... so I told him.... pure neglect Tom lol to which he reply (with such seriousness) and where do I buy me a bottle of that from LMFAO........ to dam funny..... love love love pumpkins and the homegrown like everything are always the best.....