Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing in the dirt.

My dad and I spent a couple hours filling up the third raised bed today. We put in a few inches of soil and filled the rest with a rich compost called Coeur d' Green. Yes... I hate to admit it....I paid money for compost when I should be making my own....I will get there someday though...(EG is my inspiration lol) The first two beds are situated so that the dump truck could easily fill them but the third bed is not we had to dig and wheelbarrow it to the bed...We definitely got a workout...but fun it was!

With the third bed filled, we can now focus on getting the rest of the plastic hoop covers on. Hopefully, we will get that done by Sunday. I posted earlier that my dad was adding upper shelves in the greenhouse and that is coming along quite nice. I can't wait for them to be done so I can fire up the heat and get the gazillion seedlings that are all over my house out of here! (the family is tolerant but it is getting to be a bit much :)....A quick note on the covered hoop house: The temperature inside is holding pretty steady around 62 degrees on a 45 degree day. That should get us a good start on the broccoli and the strawberries. Happy digging!


  1. Filling a new bed sure does take alot of work, but the finished product is definitely worth it. Good luck with your new bed.

  2. Thanks EG...there is something about working outdoors that is very satisfying...good luck to you with the compost and the 400 tomato plants! btw I told my dad about your compost turner...he thought that was very ingenious...

  3. Looks good!

    What kind of wood stainer will you use to protect the wooden boards from the weather?

  4. I purchased all my soil too, I used triple mix. But I do amend with my own compost. The new beds looks great. You guys seem to have a really good climate, is it normally this spring like at the end of Feb?

  5. Dan: thanks! Spring in February rarely happens here...It must be global warming in north Idaho lol....Actually the last two winters we had record snowfall like 110 inches in some was not I'm so happy we got a break this year. It was near 60F here yesterday.

    I'm going to start small with composting this year and see how it goes. When you say triple that similar to what square foot gardener recommends? I would also like to try vermicomposting. One of my daughter's teachers has had great success with it.