Friday, February 19, 2010

The final order....I promise.

I placed my final seed order from Seed Savers Exchange last week and it arrived yesterday. I must say that I am very happy with their service and the quality of their products. So here is what I ordered: the peppers are Purple Beauty Bells, Orange Bells, King of the North, Bulgarian Carrot, and Tolli's Sweet Italians. I also ordered two types of lettuce: Forellenschuss, and Rossa De Trento. In addition, I ordered Dragon carrots, Rosa Bianca eggplant, Nyagous tomatoes, Hill Country Red okra, Purple tomatillos, Purple Podded Pole beans, and A & C Pickling cukes.
Yesterday I ordered my onions from Dixondale Farms. I ordered Candy Apples, Candy, and a variety pack that contains Copra, Red Zeppelin and Sterling. Now, I believe all that is left to order are the potato starts and I will probably get to that those weekend.

Now it is time to get busy and fire up that greenhouse...woot!


  1. oh you....seed too

    everything you got looks GREAT !

    love it

    have a great weekend

    sweet gardening dreams, my friend,

  2. Thanks Kary...enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a nice selection! I just ordered more seeds a few days ago on ebay, I think I need rehab ;) I've grown King of the North, Dragon carrots, Rosa Bianca eggplant & Purple Podded Pole beans, they are all excellent. I was eyeing those okra this year but had to resist because I am all out of space. I wish I could order starts from Dixondale, unfortunately they do not ship cross border. Onions are such a pain to start from seed...

  4. Thanks Dan...The ones you mention are some I haven't tried yet so I am glad you give them a good review....I could not resist the okra...I love the looks of them. Too bad they don't ship the onions across the border... :(

  5. Sounds like some great seeds. The Bulgarian Carrot Pepper, Dragon Carrot and Nyagous Tomato are on my wish list for next year so I will look forward to hearing how they do in your garden.

    I tell myself that I have placed my last seed order but I'm still eyeing a few more things. It's hard to stop.

  6. Chris: I will definitely give an update on those this summer. It is hard to stop.....especially when I keep perusing the seed catalogs and seed racks :)

  7. huckleberries on line..a fun !

  8. Everything looks great!

    I have used Seed Savers Exchange myself in the past and always had a great experience. A great website.

  9. Thanks Kinetic....I agree...I will order most of my seeds from them from now on.