Monday, June 7, 2010

Slowly but surely....

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activities.....Between the farmer's market and Bent's barbecue competitions things have been kind of crazy. I feel like I'm way behind schedule with getting my plants in the ground....Last week my sister-in-law, Melanie, and I started to transfer the tomatoes from the greenhouse to the garden and I fully intended to have the rest of them in the ground by now....but that didn't happen...that was in part due to the huge amount of rain we have been getting....the ground has been way too soggy. Yesterday the sun finally made an appearance and I was determined to get at least half of the 128 tomato plants to their new was close but no cigar.....too many other things to I know why farmer's wake up at sunrise lol! If the good weather holds then I should be able to finish today. Some tomato varieties we planted are Nyagous, Cherokee Purple, Chocolate Cherry, Razzleberry, Totem, Yellow Peacevine, Tangerine Red, Costoluto, Carmelita, Super Beefsteak, Persimmon, Amish Paste, Polish Linguisa, Super Sweet 100 and Komohana Grape.
I'm excited to try the Cherokee Purple and Komohana Grape...Thomas (A Growing Tradition) was nice enough to send me the seed.

I am very happy with how our lettuce box is filling out. In the pic is a really pretty variety called dad kept telling me he thought there was something wrong with it because it had! Other favorites pictured below are Yugoslavian Red lettuce and Buttercrunch.

The broccoli and cabbage raised beds are exploding....most of them are producing heads now. This year we grew both the Pac Man and De Cicco varieties. I thought I went overboard on broccoli starts but we nearly sold out of them.

The potatoes got hit with some frost a couple weeks ago but you could never tell now....thank goodness : ) We planted Red Norlands, Russets, Lasoda, and Yukon Gold.

The Totem patio tomatoes are the first to set fruit. Now they just need larger containers. I will get right on that.....yeah sure... : )

The carrots are starting to come up as well...This year I tried the carrot seed toilet paper method and it seems to be working well....less thinning is always a good thing! Our carrot varieties include Ya Ya, Atomic Red, Red Dragon and Sugar Snacks.

Now I'm off to the garden to finish what I started....slowly but surely it will get done : )


  1. Everything is looking spectacular!

  2. Thanks Turling...and how does your garden grow? : )

  3. Oh my gosh, your garden looks spectacular! I just love seeing lettuce growing in perfect spacings. It's been raining alot here too, but thankfully slowed up for now.

  4. Thanks EG....I'm a bit behind but we did have frost a couple weeks ago, so I guess I can't complain.

  5. Everything looks beautiful! I'm always amazed at your set up.

  6. I have some of those Forellenschluss in a mixed salad seed packet. It is my favorite. Not only does it liven up the salad bowl, it has a great taste! It is also known as Speckled Trout, as that is what forellenschluss means.

  7. Sylvana, I love this variety too...and it is so very pretty : )