Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Growing's on.

It has been a while since I showed the garden's progress... so today I decided to snap some pics.....I was pleasantly surprised when I checked on the broccoli plants today...some are beginning to form heads. Granted, we only have a few plants that are mature but still it's exciting to see the garden begin to shape up. This year we grew two varieties of broccoli; Broccoli De Cicco and Pac Man. Last year we grew our broccoli in raised beds at the family garden and it did very well. However, in my home garden it did not do as well...we had lots of aphids on the heads and it wasn't pretty....(note that to remove aphids from your broccoli and cauliflower heads you can soak them in cold salt water overnight and then rinse well.) Despite our aphid issue, I'm trying to grow them in rows again this year but I will inter plant marigolds in between them to see if that helps at all.

The Walla Walla Sweet onions don't look like much now but wait for a couple months and they will be as big as saucers....last year we only grew Texas Sweet Onions and they were a huge success...I planted several varieties of them at my home garden.

The tomatoes are growing like mad...I may have to transplant them again to larger pots if they don't sell soon. I have several varieties. To name a few...I have Cherokee Purple, Matina, Amish Paste, Costoluto, Nyaguos, Komohana Grape, Yellow Peacevine, Persimmon, Beefsteak, Sweet 100, Black Cherry, Razzleberry and many more. I love tomatoes!

The Salad Delight Cabbage is also doing very well....I can't wait to make homemade coleslaw....especially accompanied with Bent's pulled pork sandwiches...yum!

The cauliflower is looking good as well...this year we grew two varieties: Amazing and Butter cream. We had great success with cauliflower last year so hopefully the same holds true this year.

Don't go through life, grow through life.
- Eric Butterworth


  1. You and I must be on the same seeding/planting schedule. My broccoli is starting to form crowns as well. Isn't it exciting!?

  2. Everything looks spectacular!

  3. is exciting!...I look forward to reading how the new variety works for you!

  4. Everything looks great! I can't wait to grow onions someday when we have room, we put them in almost anything.

  5. Thanks dietplaid...I love my onions too! I had a chance to visit your blog and I must say I'm very impressed...Oh and my daughter, aka Daisy Girl, is also a huge Flogging Molly fan...She and her brother recently say them in concert.

  6. You're such a pro with all your seedlings! I have always wanted to try Walla Walla's, I think next year will be the year.

  7. Dan, thanks but I'm no pro!... Lol.....I have soooo much to learn. Have you eaten a Walla Walla sweet onion before? They are excellent! I have about 200 onion plants so far...some are Texas Sweets though. You should definitely grow some next year.