Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peas, pumpkins and a neurotic dog.

A week or so ago we had 50 mph wind gusts which caused a lot of damage to the cold frames. I decided to take the plastic off the peas since the temps are near 70 today anyway and the forecast is calling for more of the same nice weather. I'm afraid they will fry under the plastic.... The chives are growing like crazy and separating them will be my next task..........I also started sowing my lettuce seed today. From Seed Savers, I planted Forellenschuss and Rossa di Trento. From last year's seed inventory, I planted some Yugoslavian Red lettuce and baby romaine. Tomorrow I hope to finish putting in the greens and perhaps some more beets.
The Atlantic Giant pumpkins are looking pretty....hopefully they won't take over the greenhouse before they can go in the ground. Bent suggested we go ahead and put them in the ground with a cold frame over them...I'm not quite ready to chance that yet, but maybe in the next couple of weeks. They are my babies afterall...

On a side note...Buddy (one of our Viszla pups) has developed a neurosis of sorts...I have no idea why...but he has developed a fear of being near the garden....He will act all scared, go in the greenhouse and not come out....(wait that's me that does that)....I thought perhaps he got a jolt from the electric fence but the fence is set to come on at 6pm and we are always at the garden much earlier than that....He is even freaking out on flies especially... and then I thought maybe he got stung by a bee...(he used to eat bees last year). It's a doggy mystery for sure....perhaps I should call a dog I know is that Buddy's sister just wants him to go out and play.


  1. The Forellenschus and Yugoslavian Red lettuces are my favorite varieties! I also like the thick, meaty leaves of Cimarron, but Seed Savers doesn't have it. I get the seed at Baker Creek Heirlooms.

    Can we trade dogs? I can't keep mine OUT of the garden - and bee stings don't deter her! Actually, there's a post going up on Saturday about that very issue. LOL

  2. Poor buddy. Both of my dogs suffered from yellow jacket stings last year. It cost about $65 for all the shots it took to take the swelling down on Annie's nose, but Otto got by with a couple of generic Benadryl. We panicked with Annie....if it happens again, we'll know what to do. Anyway, I hope Buddy gets over his fear, whatever caused it.

  3. Rachel...I love the Yugoslavian Red...this will be my first time growing the Forellenschus....On the dog issue...Buddy previously wouldn't stay out of the garden either but who knows whats going on with that dog... : )

  4. Thanks AG: I don't know what's up with him but it would be strange if he were afraid of bees...he was hunting them down and eating them last year....and I have only seen a couple so far this year...who knows?? Maybe I have caused his neurosis with my gardening... Lol! I'm glad that little Annie and Otto were okay...and it's good to know about the benadryl just in case.

  5. Poor little guy! Once my dog gets into one of those 'I AM NOT MOVING FROM HERE' states of mind, the only thing that snaps him out of it is food. I'm lucky he's food motivated!

    SO enjoying your blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Poor little puppy.:(

    How are those paper pots holding up for you, I might try that next year with some of our plants?

  7. Our great dane won't come into a room if the ceiling fan is on. Whenever we have a dinner party and don't want him in the kitchen, we go buy a balloon to float around. Puppies can have some funny behaviors for a while. I'm sure Buddy will snap out of it soon and be on his way to the next neurosis.

  8. I am constantly setting off the smoke alarm in the kitchen and now every time I turn on the oven or the gas burners our Golden, high tails it to the back door and wants to be let out. Poor thing that alarm must really hurt his ears. So I feel for your puppy, something for sure must have spooked him. Maybe you need a dog whisperer.

  9. may have done the trick...I didn't think about it at the Buddy was fine at the garden...who knows whats up with him....thanks for stopping by. :)

    Mr. H: the paper pots actually hold up quite well...I recently made some with paper bags from the grocery store and they work even better...I also tried those natural pots you can buy and I really don't like them...they fall apart way too easy.

    Ribbit: Buddy was fine today at the garden so go figure...dogs are funny creatures...I should try the balloon thing and see if it keeps him from sneaking into the kitchen when we are cooking : )

    Debbie: I know huh? Maybe I can get Cezar Milan himself to come over and fix Buddy Lol!