Friday, March 12, 2010

Cukes, Crocus and Karma

Just a quick update on how some of the plants are doing. A couple of our windowsill Cucino cukes are ready to eat....I can't wait to try them....I have been giving them some organic fertilizer and pinching off the new blossoms so I think most of them will mature soon. My family doubted me on whether they would produce any fruit and I proved them wrong :)

On another note...during my afternoon puppy walk, I came across some blooming Crocus....they are everywhere at Black Bay but just starting to bloom. Soon it will look like a carpet of purple...I can't wait!

In the last pic are my Karma (love the name) peppers. They are just starting to peak out from under the soil....and the other 200 or so should be shortly behind them. By staggering the planting dates I hope they come on in a nice succession....time will tell though...Now it's off to the greenhouse for me... :)


  1. Mmmmm... I'd like to try a karma pepper...

  2. Excellent results with the cucumbers! I love cucumbers, almost more then garden tomatoes.

  3. I'm all about cuces right now...not only do I like them, but fellow blotanist Africanaussie recently posted 13 wonderful uses for the cuce. Now I'm sold...have to have one a day!
    Your results are excellent!

  4.'ve got cucmbers in your house? That's hilarious...

  5. Otis...I'll be sure to save some for you.

    Dan...I know what you mean...homegrown cukes and tomatoes are my favorite bought have zero flavor in my opinion.

    Kim: thanks...In the summer they are my favorite snack...I love to peel and eat them with a little salt.

    EG: Ha! they call me crazy plant lady for a reason ya know :)

  6. Your cukes look yummy... your family will give you more respect now! LOL! and what a lovely purple flower. Happy Gardening! ;>)

  7. Carol: thanks for stopping by.
    Ha...yeah they better show some respect :)

  8. I think for obvious reasons (the name) I am going to have to look into obtaining some Karma Peppers. Hopefully they don't turn out bad! lol

    I agree with Carol...more respect is forthcoming! :-)

  9. Thanks IF....yeah that would not be good if the Karma peppers taste bad...I gained that respect after the family had a bite of the cuke this weekend...they were fab! :)