Monday, March 8, 2010

2 shelves down and 4 to go!

We had another productive day at the family garden yesterday. My sis-in-law and I made more newspaper pots and sowed seeds. My dad, Bent and my brother rototilled and raked the older garden beds. We had hoped to rent a large rototiller to start on the new beds but the rental store was closed. The pots on the shelf to the right are what was sown yesterday. All in all, we sowed approximately 140 tomato seeds, 15 okra, 15 purple tomatillos, 5 Lemon cukes, 5 Cucino cukes, a dozen or so Rudbeckia and about 20 Guardian Marigolds. The marigolds are to aid in keeping the aphids out of our broccoli and cauliflower. We nearly filled a 2nd greenhouse shelf and now have 4 to go....which won't be me :)

The second pic is some of what was transfered to the greenhouse from my home last week. I was a bit worried that the temps in the greenhouse would shock my plants as they have been used to a constant 70F for quite some time. So far, they have been doing very well and the temps are staying between 56F and 68F for the most part. The next step will be to complete my pepper and herb planting and then move on to the cukes and squash. Oh...I forgot to approved another growing bed for berries and a couple fruit trees! Soon we will have taken over the entire property...Lol...just kidding dad.

On the home front, I have also been preparing my home garden for more compost. I spent about 3 days hand digging it and getting all the weeds out. I have some garden debris to burn and then it's compost time! I feel like I am actually ahead of the game this year and it feels good...hopefully that trend holds. :)


  1. You sound kinda like me - all of our gardens and orchard is on my parent's property, 'cause we have no room for anything. Composting during the warm months is a breeze, and i'll certainly take advantage for next year too.

  2. Yes dad has his property and he also owns the property next to him (formerly his parent's home and land)so we can do the bulk of the gardening over there and the bonus is I get to spend time with my dad :)