Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet "Bloody Marion"...So far she's my favorite mistake

Cue Music above:

Check out the color of that beer. This picture was taken the night I first bottled it March 29th. It looked like tomato juice, or a red beer, and that's how Sunny came with the name "Bloody Marion." It's beer, but it's not carbonated yet.

It looks like a Bloody Mary, but it's not tomatoes that give this beer the deep red color. It is Marion berries. I started out trying to make a European wheat beer with a hint of berry flavor. My goal is to eventually make a Huckleberry beer, but those dang Huckleberries are way too expensive to experiment with.

Anyway, I thought that while I was at it, I would start trying to recreate an apple Lager beer that I once fell in in love with. I got all my ingredients peeled, crushed and out on the counter top to begin my brew. I sterilized my equipment and started five gallons of Munich Lager and five gallons of European Wheat Beer.

I accidentally dumped 4 pounds of Macintosh apples into my wheat beer. I was ticked because it's takes a lot of time to peel, core and finely dice 4 pounds of apples, and I had already crushed 2 pounds of Marion berries and I didn't want to re-freeze them because they aren't exactly cheap either. For a moment I though maybe a berried Lager would be nice, but honesty there is no good reason that I have ever found to add a berry flavor to a Lager beer... Apples are one thing, berries are another.

So I went ahead and dumped the berries in the wheat beer with the apples. Now, that has made one strong beer, which I didn't test correctly at the beginning but I suspect it's in the 7% range. I tried that glass in the picture. Uncarbonated, it is kind of like wine. It was very unusual ... but really kind of nice. I tried another glass tonight (half carbonated) and the apples are strong but it's still blending out.

I am really kind of excited to see what this beer does over the next week. You are not supposed to hop a European wheat beer, but I did because apple beer brewers talk about needing to bitter the apple tones with mild hops. I can tell that is working tonight.

If it works out, I will be ready to drink a few in stickman's driveway on April 11th. Even if it doesn't I have a tried and true Munich Lager (unmolested), that will make the visit worth your time anyway.


  1. Indeed! This is terrific - but I wonder when WE (your familial followers) will be testing that brew...and did Sunny get the babies started last weekend or she is going to work on it this weekend?

  2. And I am not really anonymous - :)

  3. Hey Mel, Sunny got the babies going last weekend. She said she'll blog about it this weekend after she gets some pix of the new starts. She'll be out there tomorrow for sure!

    And as for that beer, next weekend looks like the time. I'll test another bottle tonight, but I suspect the apple will need time to blend out with the hops a bit.