Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make a newspaper pot...

I've been promising a video on how to make newspaper planter pots for a couple of weeks, and when we went to the greenhouse on Saturday, of course I forgot my video camera. So you get the slide show version.

It is pretty self explanatory. You start with two connected pages of newspaper and fold it in half. Then fold one third of the paper forward. Using a drinking glass roll the paper into a cylinder and use a piece of masking tape to hold in place.

Now press the excess paper into the top of the glass. Slide the pot off the glass and press the excess down to form the bottom of the pot. Use the bottom of the glass to compress the bottom of the pot and you are done.

You can plant the pots directly into the ground or simply cut them away when you transplant to he garden. We prefer to cut them away so we don't make the plant do more work than necessary.


  1. I LOVE your old garden tools..... how lucky you are to have the use of them, and to have such a wonderful veggie plot....

    Fanks for the newspaper flower pot tip.... ya can also use the cardboard inside bit to a loo roll :)

    love your blob..


  2. Good idea with the "loo role" Marmite. Thanks for the tip and the compliments!