Monday, August 8, 2011

Roots CSA garden pics

These are some pics from the local Roots CSA where I farm. As you can see, we have lots of lettuce to provide to our shareholders and then some.

 We have lots of cucumber plants as well. I lost count but we have some cool varieties such as Dragon's Egg, Lemon, Hmong, Diva, Straight Eight, and yes, we have lots of pickling cukes.

The 100+ tomato plants are now a jungle but doing very well...Each year I  tell myself I will get them all staked before they get out of control....oh well...maybe next year.

I never realized how good Swiss Chard is if you know how to prepare it...I am a huge fan now!

This is one of our basil smells fabulous!

The asian greens are one green I never really paid much attention to until now. I had some seed from the previous farmer's supply and decided to give them a try. I am impressed. Of course you can stir-fry them but they are most excellent lightly blended with lettuce greens, some finely sliced radish, and a tad bit of Arugula. The blend also makes a fantastic filler for wraps. I like to add a little ranch dressing and some pulled chicken.

Every Friday is harvest day! Check out the beautiful beets harvested last week.  The lovely ladies in the last two pics are Korrine and Kara..the garden gals : )


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  4. When do you start peppers in your greenhouse?

  5. Hi Bob, I usually start my peppers indoors under growlights in late January or early February and then I move them to the greenhouse in mid March and transplant them in mid May.

  6. Hhey Sunny, I got blight in my tomato barrels last Summer, probably cause I used blighted maple leaves in my conpost pile. Any cure? if not, what can I plant in its place that isn't subject to blight?