Monday, May 9, 2011

Bent's BBQ is Born

Well, it's not a sure thing yet, but I am working on deal to serve the best BBQ you've ever eaten on Saturday nights at a new brewery in Wallace, Idaho starting in June. So, it's about time I get licensed and insured to make this thing happen. I got my business registered today and I will be permitted and insured by sometime next week ...

As some of you know, the Bent family started a competitive BBQ team last year called Rub 'em Raw BBQ, and the whole BBQ thing unexpectedly took off like a wildfire. We started out winning grand champion at our first professional competition, while cooking the traditional four meats: beef brisket, pork butt, pork ribs and chicken. From there we won at least one category at every event we competed in last year.

This year is looking pretty good too, as I just won grand champion at Tim's Rib King competition on April 30th, where I placed first in spare ribs, second in pork belly and third in ribeye steak. the rest of the people cooking under our canopy won as well. Steve Everett tied for second place ribeye, and Denise Durflinger, a first time competitor mentored by Rub em Raw, took first place ribeye, and second place spare ribs. That is all three of us cutting up our steak entries in the picture above. (note: with the exception of a tie score for second, we swept the steak category using the Rub 'em Raw BBQ steak method, and we nearly swept the ribs category).  Below are pictures of the rib turn in and the pork belly turn in.
Above is myself, Denise and her husband slicing ribs for turn-in

This is my pork belly, and Steve is in the left of the frame slicing his

Anyway, back to the brewery in Wallace... It's called North Idaho Mountain Brewing Company... They are in the process of building a brewing pub, but they have no kitchen at the moment, so of course my rustic BBQ skills will come in handy up there...

I am talking with the owners about providing food service for them on Saturdays and possibly Sunday lunch at least through the summer months and we'll see how things go from there. I am in the process of developing a menu and a formal proposal now and I will post the latest as it progresses here... Rub 'em Raw is a great competition name, but I decided to tame my food service name to Bent's BBQ...

Oh, and you can be sure I'll be watching that commercial brewery process ... I can always amend the name to Bent's BBQ and Brew House later...


  1. Sweet news Jeff - a dream come true!!! But how will you compete on weekends?

  2. I'm so proud of you dad! I look up to you so much I couldn't ask for a better dad..I can't wait for his wallace deal to get rolling for you, I've got your back 100%..I love you lots..and your bbq :) you're the best! xoxo

  3. Fantastic news! I'd drive to Wallace for ribs.

  4. Thanks gals... this is definitely going to be an adventure. @ Christa, if you drive up for ribs, I will certainly make it worth your while!

    @Mama Durf, i'll try to squeeze in a comp or two, but if this proves to be a money maker, I may take a short hiatus to bankroll my next season!

  5. That's great news Jeff, though I will pass on the BBQ meat. Maybe one of these days we can make another batch of your wonderful brew. I am sure your time is limited now, but the future looks great and maybe someday you will have your own business. Good Luck. The Stickman

  6. I saw your post on the weekend wild card, thanks. I also posted back as you were the perfect host for that event on Saturday and many people had a great time and eat some great food. I actually had four people come by for sticks the following morning, as I did meet a few people on the sidewalk outside Eagles and they wanted to know the story of the stickman, as my stick has a way of attracting people. Thanks for the invite and the hospitality, as I never get out these days, but I truly enjoyed that evening.