Tuesday, September 14, 2010


An heirloom tomato gone crazy
Cherokee Purples

Cherry Tomatoes

I know, I sound like a broken record but....I'm still blaming the cool weather we had in June for this year's substandard garden performance. The cool weather crops such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach and onions were a huge success. But, for the most part, the warm weather crops like the tomatoes, melons, and eggplant are just now starting to show signs of ripening. This is a good month behind what we normally experience. Granted, we have plucked many cherry tomatoes thus far, but it's really the large Beefsteaks and the Cherokee Purples we want the most and they are taking their sweet time. Optimist and patient person that I am, (ha, ha) I am keeping the faith that even the big guys will ripen before the first frost.

The Rossa Bianca eggplant is slowly but surely growing. This is my first year growing eggplant so it will be a miracle if they actually make it. lol...Regardless, they are quite pretty.

The Tango celery is a success again this year. In fact, this is the second year we won a blue ribbon at the fair with it.  It's amazing how much more flavorful it is compared to store bought celery. I froze some yesterday so that we will have plenty for making soup this winter.

Although, the purple bells are smaller than normal this year at least they are ripening. And...

the purple tomatillos aren't quite purple yet.
The good news is that the temperatures should stay in the 70's range for a few days and that should help things along....Who said patience is a virtue? I say hurry up and ripen tomatoes...I want to preserve some tomato sauce.


  1. That first tomato is definitely weird, and i'm sure the others will ripen for ya soon.

  2. It has been a challenging year to be sure but don't give up on those eggplants as they often do really well in this area when we have a more weather friendly summer. I think we are going to try and ripen our tomatoes inside as we have had to do in the past during "short" gardening seasons. We are quickly running out of time and have been pulling anything that is showing any color to help hurry the others along. But who knows, perhaps we will luck out and remain frost free for a few more weeks...fingers crossed.

  3. EG... I'm keeping the faith that it will happen. : )

  4. Mr H., I know what you mean...we are plucking as many tomatoes as possible and we will probably end up hanging some plants in the garage if the weather gets too cold....my fingers are crossed too : )

  5. Hang in there. Our summer was sweltering in the northeast, so the tomatoes ripened early!!

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