Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first batch on the Blog...

I made another 10 gallons of beer this afternoon. Above, I am setup to start fermenting a nice European Pilsner. I have made this one many times. It's called Telepathy (that's a blog post for another time). It is my sister's favorite beer, and she doesn't drink beer. I hear that a lot when people first have the opportunity to try my beer. I get the usual: "I'm not really a beer drinker, so I'll pass, thanks."

But, if I can talk them into trying one glass of a handcrafted beer, they are always surprised by how much they enjoy it... I get a lot of credit, and sure I eat it up, but it's really not me that deserves the credit -- it is the yeast that doeth the works.

Sure, I pick the finest ingredients and follow a scientific process that provides the ultimate environment for yeast to do its thing, but when it's all said and done, it's the yeast that turned that water into beer -- not me.

That is the difference between a handcrafted beer and a can of Bud Light. Commercial processes for brewing beer in America have gotten away from the tradition of naturally fermenting beers. It's a shame because a handcrafted beer is alive with activity all of the time. Even after you have consumed the beer, the yeast is doing its thing. It is chock full of B-complex vitamins which I am convinced adds to the happiness of enjoying my beer...

But you have to be careful about eating fermentable sugars while consuming live beer, because within hours of ingestion, the yeast will start converting those sugars. When this occurs, the yeast produces CO2 in massive quantities. And that gas is going to to escape one way or another if you get my drift. My aunt Erma once ate a some blueberry pie after drinking a couple of a very young beers I made (young = very active yeast) and the result is legendary...

I'll post a couple of pictures to illustrate that effect later tonight... bet you can't wait for that one ;-)

I also did and apple-infused lager this afternoon. This is stepping a little outside of my comfort zone, but I did a lot of research. Hopefully it comes out OK. I haven't named it yet...any ideas?

This is a follow up to a mistake I made last weekend, but I blog more about that later as well.


  1. Apple harvest? Truly, your beer is wonderful and I'm not really a beer drinker either. Aside from a pleasurable afternoon in Stickman's driveway, I haven't had a beer in over 20 years. Yours was my first. And I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Thanks Jeanie. I always get a kick out of that response.

    I was thinking "Apple of My Eye"

  3. A cold beer/lager on a hot summers day, with ones feet dangly in the river Meon is pure heaven...... your beer sounds wonderful... maybe one day I will get to taste on in Stickmans drive :)


  4. That would be nice Marmite...I'll get your postal address from DFO and see about shipping some your way if this batch turns out OK!

  5. That would be very nice Marmite, a pleasure that would be. Bent, you have the passion and the time, makes for a very nice brew. I like beer, and usually drink Kokanee or Stella if I can find it cheap enough. But yours is far better, I see a very nice beer party coming up in my driveway. Last time we got two to come, CindyH and JeanneS, lets' see what the next little party does. I'll bet many more. It will be fun. Let me know sometime when you are ready and we will plan something. The Stickman

  6. I'll bet even Bob would come, and keith again. Maybe even MikeK. I look forward to that day. Thanks for doing what you do. The Stickman

  7. Hey Stickman. Barring any problems, I should have a good couple of beers ready by the weekend of April 11th. Let's cross our fingers, hope for 70 degrees and tentatively push for that afternoon.